Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CASUAL FRIDAY February 19, 2010

For the life of me I can't understand why people want to come to work dressed as slobs. And sometimes to pay money to a charity, to do so. The Southern Curmudgeon remembers as a child being put on a plane in a coat and tie. And there are pictures of us as children.....YOUNG.....in coat and tie at grandparents and great-aunts and uncles for Sunday Dinner (early afternoon). Sometimes I feel undressed not to wear a tie, and casual, to this old Curmudgeon, is a button down and blue blazer. What has happened to society.

Now at home on the plantation, yes we do live on one, we DO dress down....sweats....even putting on p.j.'s, with robes, to watch t.v. with our cocktails. But if we need to run out......khaki's and maybe a knit shirt. And I'm not against casual dress or dressing down,
but only in it's place.

Friday, here they pour in , blue jeans, collar-less shirts, SWEAT shirts.......and it's the people that should NEVER wear jeans ANYWHERE in public that always wear them. I threaten to take a picture from behind some of these full figured girls and boys to let them know how truly casual they look! And tight shirts on these full figures......AGH! The cute bodies always wear the chic loose fitting tops. And some of the jeans look like they're pick up off of the floor, and ripped! One rather formidable girl once came in a tee shirt and cut off overalls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. I just turn away like I have to do for a lot of things.........poor old curmudgeon!

We are professionals in the office (I thought) , well read, studied, passed exams, registered. Why want to look like you live in a trailer, excuse me mobile home. Pleeeeease!