Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank you notes

Every once in a while, something will catch my eye as I glance over "Dear Abby" and I'll read one or two of the letters. The other day was about baby or bridal showers and the need to write thank you notes for a gift. Some may said it would be so convenient for each person to either address their own envelope for a thank you note.......and to do so and put it in a basket to draw for a door prize (really!)........or maybe even "the poor mother or bride to be has so much on her mind, just not to expect a thank you note"....REALLY! What HAS the world come to? How can anyone justify that it's OK NOT to write notes after receiving a gift, or excusing someone to not take the time to address an envelope themselves to thank that person for a gift? I know I was brought up, obviously in a past era, but my mother would not let us touch a gift after opening it, until we had written a thank you note. Even the ugly pair of socks that Aunt Suzy sent us at Christmas got a Thank You note before we could hide the socks. Why is that so hard a thing for someone to do when receiving a gift, or even some type of kind gesture! And the worst, is a friend of ours, who when you give them a gift, makes the great gesture of calling you up, NEVER UTTERING THE WORDS "Thank You", but to say they never write Thank You notes. I really am trying to understand all this and to think this is OK, but....................
next post will be about "downsizing America" or age discrimination.